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Alien Name Creatures

This art activity is SUPER easy and fun for all ages! The only limit is your imagination in this project.

You will need:

• paper

• pencil

• scissors

• markers/colored pencils/crayons (your choice!)


1. Lay your paper down vertically (portrait style).

2. Fold the paper in half "hot dog style." Keep the folded edge on your left side.

3. Now, move the folded paper so that the folded edge is facing you. Use your pencil to write your name! You can write your name in print or cursive. Make sure that the letters of your name touch the bottom of the paper (where the folded edge is).

4. Use your scissors to cut around the letters of your name. Don't cut the folded edge! Only cut around the top part of the letters.

5. Now, you can unfold the paper and see what whacky shape you have created! Try to imagine the different parts of an alien creature, and start drawing details with a pencil.

6. Once you have drawn your details with a pencil, the final step is to color in your alien creature with whatever you like to color with! Miss Emma chose to use markers, but you can also use colored pencils or crayons. Have fun!

As always, we want to see what YOU created! Send pictures of your art to Graceful Arts on Facebook or tag us in your post.

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