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Tiger Symmetry Prints

The documentary "Tiger King" has quickly become a social media phenomenon, but it also offers an opportunity to learn more about big cats and how we can help to protect their species. Take the time to turn this interest into a learning experience! Then, try out this art project that also teaches about symmetry.

Symmetry is an important concept that is used in other areas of learning, including math! This art project makes learning symmetry fun.

You will need:

• pencil

• colored construction paper

• tempera (washable) paint: white, orange, and black

• craft paint brush


• Print out a picture of a tiger facing you. You will use this as an example.

• Fold a piece of construction paper in half "hamburger style," creating a vertical crease in the paper when looking at it in landscape orientation (see below).

• Use a pencil to draw HALF of the tiger's face on one half of the construction paper, like the picture below.


• Start with white paint. You will paint small sections on top of the outline you drew on one half of the paper. Once you paint a little, fold the sides together to print the paint on the other side! Lay it down flat and press the sides of the paper together. Carefully pull the sides apart and continue painting.

• Be sure not to use too much paint, but use enough so that it will print on the other side of the paper. Look at pictures of tigers to see which areas to paint white.


• Repeat STEP 2, this time using orange paint.

• Remember to paint a little, then press the sides together a little. That way, you can make sure you get the paint on the other side, because tempera/washable paint dries very quickly.


• Repeat STEP 2, this time using black paint.


• After you have printed the tiger face on the other side of the construction paper, carefully pull the two sides apart. You should see a full tiger face now!

• Leave your tiger painting to dry for at least an hour. Don't forget to sign your name in the bottom right-hand corner, just like all artists do!

This lesson was found on "Mrs. Knight's Smartest Artists" blog page.


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