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Toilet Paper Roll Puppets

There are so many different crafts you can make with empty toilet paper rolls! Plus, let's be honest...we should all have plenty of toilet paper at this point, so why not find something to do with all those cardboard rolls instead of tossing them in the trash?

One of our favorite projects to do with toilet paper rolls is make puppets out of them! Kids love to create their own characters or replicate characters from their favorite shows or stories. This project is a fun way to use up extra bits of craft supplies that you might have lying around the house, and it will keep kids busy for a long time (especially if you have them put on a puppet show with their newly-created characters!).

You will need:

  • toilet paper rolls (as many as you want!)

  • construction paper

  • markers or crayons

  • scissors

  • school glue**

Additional supplies (optional):

  • pom-poms

  • cotton balls

  • craft felt

  • yarn

  • craft feathers

  • googly eyes

  • beads

  • sequins

  • fabric scraps for clothing

** Most craft supplies can be glued with regular school glue, but some supplies may need to be glued with hot glue or a stronger glue. Adult supervision is strongly recommended when using hot glue.

Pull out any kind of extra decorative craft supplies you have to give your child some options. Using a wide variety of different supplies gives them some experience in working with textiles! It also gives them a chance to be extra creative in forming their

characters by using different physical textures, instead of just drawing each feature.

Details can always be drawn on with marker or crayon if you are limited on decorative supplies!


  1. Plan out what characters you will be making! You can make a drawing of your characters if you want. If you are making human characters, they must have hair, a face, and clothes.

  2. Start cutting out coverings (construction paper, felt, etc.) for the toilet paper roll! It helps to draw with a pencil before you cut with your scissors. Try to cover the whole toilet paper roll.

  3. Add details! Glue on decorations and use markers or crayons to draw facial features and other details.

Optional: After your puppet is finished, you can hot glue a wooden skewer or dowel rod to the inside of the roll. This will make your puppet easier to hold and move for a puppet show!

Now that your puppets are created, come up with a story for them to be in. Put on a puppet show for your family for even more fun!

Show us the characters you created by sending pictures to Graceful Arts on Facebook, or tag us in your post. We want to see what you're making at home!

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