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What Makes You Scream?

Sometimes it can be really helpful to draw a picture whenever we are feeling worried or frustrated. That's what Edvard Munch did when he painted The Scream! You probably recognize this painting because the design of the screaming person has been used in other forms of media: it is the inspiration for Ghostface in the Scream movies, and Kevin in Home Alone makes the same face when he screams in the mirror!

For more kid-friendly information on Edvard Munch and his painting The Scream, check out these pages:

For this project, imagine something that makes YOU scream! Draw yourself in the style of Edvard Munch's The Scream. Give yourself a long, curved body; long, skinny hands; and of course, a face that shows you are screaming! Then, draw what makes you scream in the background.

You can use crayons or whatever medium is your favorite to draw with!

Here is an example (to the right) of how you can draw your own version! Can you tell what makes Miss Emma scream?

If you guessed "math," then you're correct!

Try this project for yourself at home! We want to see your artwork; send pictures of your projects to Graceful Arts on Facebook or tag us in your post!

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